The Four Winds Organization Believes:

•That there is something bigger than us, something that created all that is.

•That there are parts of the Divine in all things.

•That our purpose in life is to care for each other and the Earth.

•That all beings reach back to the Creator in their own way and path.

•That the journey along the way is one of learning.

•That all we meet along our path have something to teach us, and we something to teach them.

•There is no right or wrong way to reach the Creator.

At the Sanctuary we:

•Celebrate four seasons of the year: springtime, Summer Solstice, Harvest Season, and Winter Solstice.

•We also acknowledge the following life points: Birth, Birth Blessing, womanhood, manhood, Coming of Age, Crone, Sage, Elder, Death, Death Blessing, Handfasting and Divorce.

•Understand that there are those who pass through only long enough to learn, and then leave.

•Understand that many of those who pass through will also teach us. This includes all that breathes, grows, changes and exists.

•Believe all beings equal and children of the Creator, but understand that death is a part of life, and that some beings must die in order for others to live and that this knowledge is part of our journey.

•Honor the Creator, yet understand that there are many names for The Creator and many ways of honoring Creation beside the ways in which we do so.

•Honor the Elements of Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Spirit.

•Honor the Fey in whatever form they are present.

•Speak truth, and believe that all are accountable for their actions.

•Admit when wrong, and do our best to remedy the situation.

•Practice personal responsibility.

•Attempt to live lightly upon the Earth.


The Creator is Male and Female, and neither, yet both at once.
The Creator is, yet isn’t.
The Creator was, is, and ever shall be, yet has yet to become.
The Creator is unknowable, yet ourselves, known but unknown.
The Creator is good, and bad, positive and negative and neutral, all at the same time.


People worship and or honor The Creator in many and varied ways.
No one way is correct, yet all are correct.
The Creator may be worshipped or honored as a Male God, a Female Goddess, Both, or simply as The Creator.
The symbol of the Creator is many things, and all are correct.
The way to learn of the Creator is by learning about yourself.
To honor the Creator, one must honor all that is, for all that is, is the Creator.
All that exists contains the Creator inside, so all are part of the Creator.

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